Minister Rathore: Please don’t snoop about my Facebook page

In a notification dated April 15th, 2018 the Information & Broadcasting Ministry invited Request for Proposals(tenders) for a Social-media Communications Hub. The social media communications hub among other things, provides for the creation of devoted data analytics team, which would collect and analyse information on the social media about various ‘influencers’ and ‘people who create […]

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Taxi Tehran(2015): A movie review

What can a taxi ride in an alien country really tell you? Not much perhaps, unless you take it with Jafar Panahi, the unconventional taxi-driver on the streets of Tehran, a critically acclaimed filmmaker, who has ceaselessly challenged the norm and made movies which sometimes show the Iranian government in bad light. He does it […]

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The tale of two partitions

Following is a work of fiction, which is one of my first attempts to write a short-story.  It was a night darker than any in living memory in the small non-descript town of Berhampur. The cold chill of the predawn was just setting and the Railway station stuck out like a sore thumb, surrounded by […]

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