Pak Indica : The story no one is telling

I write this blogpost today, consciously aware of the fact that the anti-Pakistan rhetoric and feelings  in India has reached a crescendo, with all a parties throwing their weight around the recent surgical strikes carried out across the LOC. Bollywood has banned Pakistani actors from acting in India, India has said no to all talks with Pakistani. Hate and belligerence is being spewed everywhere from chat rooms to prime-time debates. What I want to do here is not eulogize Indian para commandos for the attack, neither do I seek to belittle India for its bold military policy. I will however try to build a case for unceasing talks, despite all that has happened.

Unless you have been meditating in the Himalayas, you must have heard about the recent Indian surgical strikes in PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir)as a reaction to the attack on a Armed forces camp in Uri. 18 terrorists have been said to have been killed in the attack carried out by Indian Para-commandos insidiously, without any inkling to the Pakistani armed forces. Pakistan however rebuts the claim, saying that there was instead a ceasefire violation across the border which killed two of its jawans.

First things first there is no contending the fact that the operation was a brave one and the valiance shown by the soldiers is commendable. But the question I seek to ask here is, were these attacks the only alternative we had ? Could we not have resolved this in a better way, without violating the LOC, which was decided with the blessing of the UN ? Was this the last resort? Could we not have beefed up our defenses and thwarted any infiltration, instead of subjecting out valuable soldiers to an attack which could have possibly taken their lives. Is beefing up our defense not easier and more pragmatic than throwing our soldiers in a foreign land, where a single glitch could have cost us the lives of 40 of our brave men. To avenge 18 killing is it worthwhile to expend the blood of 40 people in a foreign land, when there are more options. I feel the answer, despite the popular feeling is NO.

Today the average Indian is so tired of these constant skirmishes across the border and the conundrum in newsroom debates that the word ‘Pakistan’ to us connotes fear and hate. But is this the real case ? What explains our banning of Pakistani artists from working here and Arnub Goswami’s belittling of respected Pakistani Journalists in his show ? Is the common man in Pakistan perpetrating these acts ? Definitely not. Infact whatever is happening is the doing of a microscopic minority of the Pakistani Army and ISI. Then why are we aiming our outrage at innocent individuals.

Let me examine the alternatives that could have been followed. Diplomatic alienaton i.e consciously making sure that Pakistan stands alone in the world in this fight should have been our focus. And what surprises me that is that we were doing this pretty amazingly. Eenam Gambhir, a young IFS officer put across India’s stand so elegantly in the UNGA. Sushma Swaraj said in the UNGA that India has always been prepared for talks, then why did her government feel the need to violate International Law in this case ?    NaMo delivered a great speech asking Pakistan to compete with India in ending poverty and why suddenly this. India should have built on the wave it was creating in the world and should have cornered Pakistan into acceding to its demands. This airstrike despite its harmlessness to the civilians in Pakistan sends a wrong signal to the International Community. This should have been our last resort.

Cancelling PM’s visit to Pakistan for SAARC summit and coaxing other neighbours to do so was an outstanding victory of Indian Diplomacy. This should have been continued. Now despite the backing by Bangladesh, it is highly unlikely that other states like Afghanistan will openly back this attack. We also make ourselves susceptible to retaliatory attack by Pakistan. Strictly speaking uncalled for invasion into enemy territory ,unless it be, with international ratification and for protecting human rights of groups residing in that country  ,is an act of aggression and Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate. And let us not forget that Pakistan also is a Nuclear powered country and hasn’t even signed the No-first use policy. This means nothing is stopping it from leveraging this moment to start a nuclear war. And past experiences have shown us that nothing can be too far-fetched coming from Pakistan.

Now some people have argued that there is no scope for talks in this scenario. Taking such a stance is dangerous and not wise. Despite what the population might feel talks have a irrevocable character. The story of the Cuban Missile crisis maybe cited here. World reached the closest to a nuclear holocaust during the Cuban Missile crisis, which was a situation where Cuba, a island nation near the USA housed nuclear weapons of USSR(now  Russia)  which threatened the safety of USA. While the leaders of the two super powers mulled over whether to pull the trigger or not, they had back channel talks going on between the USSR envoy and USA gov. This saved the world from destruction. Now I haven’t talked about Kashmir here, but you can check it out in by other blogpost. I do not think it is wise to bring in the Kashmir controversy into this issue, because it has its own story. However what we must stress on is talks. Patriotism and Nationalism are important, but what is more important is being a person of humanity of the whole world. Let us not waste our missiles on each other. Give them to Elon Musk instead, he might just send you to Mars 🙂  .


19 thoughts on “Pak Indica : The story no one is telling

  1. I partly agree with you and partly disagree with the fact that you feel the uri vengeance was not necessary. See India has kept quiet for a really long time, it was silent during the Kargil attack( which the Pakistanis claim was a mistake), it was silent during several other attacks on Kashmir, remember they didn’t even hang Kasab to death all at once. I believe that putting 40 Indian soldiers across Loc was a risk. But the Uri avenge was a well pre cogitated mission. (I assume it to be about 1 weeks preparation) . And Pakistan really needed an answer. On the other hand if such attacks continue from both sides then very soon both the nations will be doomed. Very well written Amlan!! Keep it up!! Made my views on this whole Indo-Pak war clear.

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    1. Hey Muskan thanks for reading through :)…..and yes reprimanding Pakistan was necessary, but we could have exhausted all diplomatic options before taking this extreme step …not saying the action was wrong but it was a knee jerk reaction to the issue and not a well thought one. And yes I agree with your thoughts that such attacks are not the answer 🙂 that is d bigger picture.


  2. As of last resort.., this was the last resort
    Pakistan has already been cut off on the diplomatic level.. if india hadnt made the first move nd infiltrated pok.. it wikdnt hav put pakistan on the baxk heel fr a while.. bt pak’s retaliation to this.. we r so screwed 😂 Well written.. 🙂 bt we hav been diplomatic fr quite a while.. evn whn few months back chinese troops wer found here in india making camp.. btw innocent civilians r nt yet harmed.. they r attacking the camps.. bt a nuclear retiation… and ther will be war 😦

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    1. Many other diplomatic actions like recalling envoys and applying trade and economic sanctions could hav been done… I feel it ws a hurried reaction😂 .. nevertheless thanks for reading man 🙂 ..see u in the vacations


  3. I agree with Muskaan because India had always been tolerant to these attacks by Pakistan ….but how long?
    They had always been playing with the patience level of India…so it was just a outrage shown by the Indians…but at the same time i agree to the statement that these aatacks wont actually help
    But i must say Amlan u have really great views …So proud of u..☺


  4. I agree with Muskaan …India had always been tolerant to such attacks made by Pakistan…but they had been playing with India’s patience level time and again…so this surgical strike was just a outrage by the Indians…but at the same time i agree with the statement that such attacks wont help to control violence on both the sides. There should be long lasting policy….I know saying is easy but doing is really difficult
    Amlan i really appreciate u r views very well said….☺


  5. Good work Amlan 😊 I agree that this was a hasty reaction meant to appease the masses and increase the political popularity of the Modi govt. But the implications of such an action are not all positive(contrary to what arnub goswami would have u believe) 😂 this isn’t simply a matter of national pride. It’s something that could potentially cause great damage. An aspect that needs to be understood in greater detail is the Indus water treaty. A stronger move in this direction in my opinion will impact Pakistan negatively and benefit India at the same time. What I fail to understand is that why has this been ignored by all the previous govts.


    1. True Mugdha 😂 elections in UP and elsewhere are coming up ….can’t ignore that motive….And with regard to Indus, it is an option that can be explored. But we must not forget that the treaty held force even during the wars we fought and abrogating it now may be difficult. Personally never been a fan of any action that hurts civilians and doing this when d cauvery dispute is boiling may not be a good idea. But yes there are plenty of options as u suggest


    2. True Mugdha 😂 elections in UP and elsewhere are coming up ….can’t
      ignore that motive….And with regard to Indus, it is an option that can be explored. But we must not forget that the treaty held force even during the wars we fought and abrogating it now may be difficult. Personally never been a fan of any action that hurts civilians and doing this when d cauvery dispute is boiling may not be a good idea. But yes there are plenty of options as u suggest


  6. While what you say about India dealing with this Pakistan business is correct when it comes to the ban over Pakistani actors but then the Surgical attacks were needed to show Pakistan that if needed, we could do a lot more than just talk. Our govt is trying to isolate Pakistan on a worldwide basis until and unless it agrees to take action against Terrorist groups which, thank lords, is actually working, but a more direct approach was needed after the Uri attack to prevent further infiltration. But then, it’s just my perspective while I am safely sitting across a computer and those soldiers who were sent were dealing with life threatening risks. Peace out!


  7. Well done, Amlan! 👏 Really impressed by your thoughts. But as few others have mentioned above, I too partially agree as well as disagree with your views (though well put up). India definitely took this step too early and maybe, without even thinking much about its consequences or where exactly would it lead to, but somehow, it is not even completely wrong. India someday had to act to bring forth its rage of zero tolerance against terrorism. And as far as the Pakistani actors are concerned, it may sound foolish to ask them to leave but that definitely doesn’t mean that India holds any personal grudge over them. They are not sent back because they are Mahira Khan or Fawad Khan. They are only sent back because they are Pakistanis.


  8. Mr Amlan , You may be right to certain extent. But we are fed up with Pakisthan’s attitude towards terrorism. in my opinion for the first time India is doing a great job by squeezing in both diplomatically and militarily.


  9. This work is AMAZING!! keep it up, Amlan 🙂

    all i would say is that i am quite confused with the scenario. i agree with you, and at the same time, i dont. the thing is, we are all aware of the famous line “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, leaves the world blind and toothless”;and yet, our actions quite contradict the lines. india has always been a tolerant nation, and this time it has taken an action for its jawans. we cant always just sit here and watch our heroes die. This time, we had to show ’em that we aint weak. besides, what Pakistan received as its return gift was a mere trailer by us. but then, do you think it is going to act as a deterrent against all the shit they do to us? isn’t it making them more vindictive towards us??maybe it wasn’t the ONLY way, but it definitely was one of the best ways to let them know that we aren’t dumb.

    but no matter what, at the end of the day, we all should realise that just a few politicians can provoke their respective nations, against other nations, brainwash their heroes in the name of “patriotism”. and then, the only people left to mourn forever is the families of the heroes, who shall be forgotten in a fortnight 😥


    1. Hey mitali thanks for reading through. I agree we live in difficult tyms. But celebrating a surgical strike seems wrong and unnecessarily provocative. India might have done such covert missions before, but publicising this and flexing our muscles when real threats remain unaddressed is foolishness. At the end of the day this region needs peace and development and not war and terrorism.

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