The Muezzin’s Yogi

Today is World Poetry Day. I have always believed that poetry has the power to heal rifts and convey a message, like rational speech never can. I am no poet, but the events in the recent past have moved me to write. A disclaimer, poetry is about emotions and not about arguments or legal niceties. I have taken a little bit of creative liberty. This poem may not bear any resemblance to any person living or dead (this is just so that I don’t get sued for this)

The Muezzin’s Yogi

1992 :

The minaret fell,

Two tombs torn down by wanton force of doom

Cacophony, cries of ‘Jai Shri Ram’

Blinded, Unbridled, provoked to the brink, ‘Lal ‘ with anger,

‘No cause for remorse’, quoths one Krishna,

So begins a story,

Of brothers in arms, now brothers up in Arms,

Of hate speech, Of divine invocations,

‘Mandir Yahi Banega’ “Ram Janmabhoomi’

All to satiate that Krishna’s (not the Lord)quest for power,

Even as the Bhoomi weeps, soiled with blood,


‘Hey Mangal’, was this the land you fought for ?

Flanked by Hindus and Muslims alike

Against a common enemy ?

Now that the enemy is gone, who shall unite us ?

When those in the high offices speak

Of man-slaughter, even as they shut slaughterhouses,

When ‘Yogi’ does not inspire a feeling of tranquillity, but one of deleterious rage

Meerut is not far from Ayodhya,Mangal

Yet no one speaks of your Janmabhoomi anymore

You are forgotten Mangal and so is your sacrifice.

Image result for Mangal pandey


Immolated, Alive ! Paraded Naked.

Women, Children

Arson ! Chaos ! The same ubiquitous invocations

‘Jai Shri Ram’, of a mob maddened with Ravanna’s Rage

Hundreds die, and the leaders bear witness

A deluge of hate, sweeps the state,

Yet rises one ‘Nath from the debris, unscathed,

Shouldered by the same rage, leads the nation today !


‘Rape is a legitimate political tool’ quoths one Savarkar 

‘Shivaji should have raped the women he had to capture (sic )’

No worder his Shishyas oblige

People flee their homes,even as the muezzin of Muzzafarnagar calls

It’s prayer time, but the fiend is at their shoulder

People flee, those trail are incapacitated,

Armed not just with weapons, but cameras,

They capture their despicable act, as others cheer,

Overcome with lust, charged with contempt, they do their Guru’s bidding

‘Hey Laxmi’ you fought here too!

Against those who took what was rightfully yours,

You swore allegiance to a Mughal, the nation dearer than your sovereignty

But those times are gone,

Those who appeased the British now helm your state,


A yogi(a misnomer) takes oath, thousands cheer, intellectuals jeer,

But Yogi (a misnomer) stands his ground

The leader of the nation shakes his hand (ref. 2002)

A formed deputy leader shakes his hand(ref. 1992)

And so is cemented a sinister bond,

A bond this nation won’t dare to forget,

 If today you hear a muezzin’s call,

Pay Heed, for it might be his last !!

 Please sign our petition to send out a strong message to stop Yogi Adityanath from holding office  here


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